We are a company that is made up of a team of dedicated individuals, hardworking and committed people. We strive to perfection, making sure our partners and companies are happy with there outcome. We work closely with our clients making sure we understand what their vision is for the website and what they want, our goal is making sure that we meet every need for our clients, making sure that they enjoy the experience of creating a website just as much as we do.

About us

Our Services

Here at Stripex, we take pride in our finalised products. We go the extra mile to make sure our clients are happy and proud of the services we provide. We offer a wide range of services from website development to logo design.

Website Development

Our web developers are experienced, passionate and flexible. We want to ensure that our clients enjoy designing the website just as much as we do!

Logo Design

Each developer has a unique range of skills including logo design, and they can create one of a kind logos using software like photoshop.

Brand Identy Design

We have dedicated developers who will work with you to improve your content on your website, they can also customise images, banners and advertisements.

Search Engine Optimisation

We have developers who can improve your ranking on search engines. We have unique techniques which have been proven to be better than current services.

Our Recent Projects

Website Development (Back-End Login System)

Seven page front-end and back-end website development including great mobile friendly features and performance, back-end login system with an invoicing system, ticket management and payment operations.

Live Preview
Bespoke Website Design

Six page front-end bespoke design, responive and mobile friendly features with custom code and functions included. Multiple custom designs including logo creation and artwork.

Live Preview
Website Design

Five page front-end and back-end website development including interactive gallery, responsive and mobile friendly code, and lastly SEO optimization which ranked DCG-Services on the first page on Google for multiple key searches.

Live Preview

Our Top Clients

Our Work Procedure

When a client is interested in our services we first start with planning, we learn what your needs and requirements are. We then begin to plan and develop the services of there choice, working closely with our team and the client.

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