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Main Services

Here at Stripex, we work hard to ensure that our clients are happy with their finalised product whether its a website, software application or any of the many other services we provide. We work around our client's schedule, ensuring the end result is perfect.

Website Development

Here at stripex, we have dedicated and skilled professionals who specialise in creating amazing, responsive websites. We work closely with our clients to make sure that the end product is up to its highest standard. We like to set up an initial meeting whether it's through Skype or meeting up to discuss what the client has in mind also a bit about the business and try and understand their business goals. We can either create a bespoke website from scratch or if our client already has a website we can redesign the website to our client's standards.

Logo Design

We have dedicated graphic designers that will recreate the perfect logo for you. We like to understand what kind of colour scheme you may want, what type of font you would like and if they have an idea on what it should look like however if your not sure about what you would like our graphic designer will show you different types of logos and options that suit your business and target audience.

Digital Marketing

Here at Stripex, we have a dedicated team who targets our client's company in order to elevate them, using our social media and blogging techniques. We will monitor your social media accounts and take the necessary steps to make your company's presence online is appealing and reaches the right target audience. This will help you reach more people and build a positive reputation online.

Brand Identy Design

We like to help our clients create their brand identity, whether that means working with you to improve your content on your website, changing or improving on specific images to enhance your identity. We could create banners and logos for you, as well as advertisements to increase awareness about your company. This will help expand your target audience, which will allow your sales to grow to its potential.

Search Engine Optimisation

At stripex we specialise in SEO (search engine optimisation) this will help your ranking on different search engines, eg Google. We use a unique technique that we have developed to get your company to higher ranks. We update SEO whenever necessary to make sure your company stays up at the top.

Software Development

At stripex, we have developers who specialise in software, and we can create any software that is necessary to improve your company and make your life a little easier. We have developers that specialise in C#, C++, and this enables us to create the perfect software solutions for your company. Whether its a payment system which allows you to stay on top of your finances and invoices or if in need we can create a login panel for your company.

Our Optional Modules

We also offer additional services which we call 'Modules' once a service has been completed, these modules tend to be addons which clients can pick once their service has been published/created.

Google Analytics & Social Media Integration

Our web developers are experienced, passionate and flexible. We want to ensure that our clients enjoy designing the website just as much as we do.

Blog Integration

Each developer has a unique range of skills including logo design, and they can create one of a kind logos using software like photoshop.

Content Management System

Our advanced marketing techniques will help your company reach a larger and more targeted audience, which will help your company to grow.

Why Choose Us

Being an independent company gives us many advantages, such as our developers are more passionate, dedicated and enjoy creating and developing products. Another significant advantage is we get to work with our clients one to one, this allows us to build a relationship with our client and understand what there requirements are. Another advantage is we have time to do some research on a potential client, this allows us to make decisions based on our clients company that will benefit them and make the service more appealing to them.

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